• Matt Krause Hits the Ground Running

    • Jan 14, 2013

    (Fort Worth) Matt Krause didn’t waste any time adding to his legislative agenda. This week he filed 3 more bills which represent the values of his district. “The voters of District 93 sent me here to do a job and these bills reflect the job they want done,” commented Krause.

    Summaries of the legislation and commentary are below:

    HB 359— Protecting innocent individuals and deterring illegal immigration.

    “This bill will ensure that judges are aware of an individual’s legal status when deciding whether or not to grant bail. Bail is a privilege which judges currently have the authority to delegate at their discretion. A criminal’s legal status should be provided to the presiding judge so the judge can best determine whether bail should be offered and at what level bail should be set,” argued Krause. “We constantly complain about the lack of deterrents to immigrating to this country illegally, and this bill helps with that issue.”

    “I want to reiterate that we must seek to address the issue of illegal immigration while at the same time fighting to provide more opportunities for individuals to immigrate legally.” added Krause.

    HB 360— Protecting College Student’s Right to Religious Expression.

    “As a constitutional attorney who has fought to protect and preserve the freedoms embedded in the First Amendment, this bill is near and dear to my heart,” commented Krause. “Ensuring that public colleges and universities in Texas are prohibited from invading and removing those First Amendment rights is essential. This bill will allow Texas to withhold funds from state and private colleges that require student organizations to allow student participation regardless of status or beliefs.”

    HB 399 — Allowing More Options For Vocationally Oriented High School Students.

    “This bill came out of discussions I had with the superintendents in my District. HB 399 allows school districts the discretion of whether a high school student may replace certain academic requirements with courses that focus more of the student’s education on the vocation the student plans on pursuing” said Krause. “It’s imperative we allow parents, students, and local school districts the ability to cater a student’s education to best prepare them for the future. I look forward to working with my colleagues on passing this legislation.”