• Texans for Fiscal Responsibility Endorse Matt Krause

    • Apr 10, 2012

    Over the last week we have received the endorsement of several conservative organizations. The endorsements have been coming in so quickly it has been difficult to keep track of when to release them to our supporters – a great problem for the campaign! One I do not want to miss telling you about it Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, one of the largest conservative organization in Texas.

    Michael Quinn Sullivan, President for Texans for Fiscal Responsibility endorsed our campaign saying, “Matt Krause is a strong conservative who will bring practical, commonsense principles to the Texas House." Sullivan continued, "Voters can count on Matt Krause to oppose new taxes, reduce Texans’ tax burden, and demand greater accountability for how our money is spent in Austin.

    This endorsement speaks volumes to voters about the legitimacy of our campaign and the importance of removing a fiscal liberal.

    I am taking our conservative message to the voters every day and hearing great responses from each person I meet. The conservative values of our campaign are resonating with voters. Join me and continue to make Texas the most conservative State in the Union.