• We Must Fight Back and Hold Strong

    • Jun 28, 2012

    Today the Supreme Court said that the individual mandate in Obamacare could stand – as a tax. That means that the President has just imposed the greatest tax increase in the entire nation in our history. Simply astounding.

    I am disappointed that the Supreme Court upheld the law, but there is hope. The Court did dispel the notion that the government could force you to buy a product.  While the mandate is a tax, the Obama Administration’s initial reasoning that the mandate was authorized under the Commerce Clause was rejected.

    And there is hope for the states. The Court also ruled that states that refused to implement Obamacare would not lose all of its Medicaid funding, only the extra amount for the bill. That means that the Texas Legislature will be front and center on this issue during the 83rd Legislative Session. You can be assured that I will fight everyday in the state house to lessen the impact of this monstrosity on the citizens of Texas.  At the same time, I will be standing behind and supporting our federal representatives as they seek to repeal the bill.

    As I gear up for the fight with the Obama Administration in the 83rd Legislative Session, would consider joining the fight with me and donating to the cause. While I am disappointed in today’s outcome, I am not discouraged.  And I hope you are not either.  The same values and resolve that won battles at Yorktown and San Jacinto are alive and well here in the Lone Star State. Together we can win this battle!

    Matt Krause